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Moonstone is considered a great calming stone, perfect for facilitating better sleep, promoting calmness, and for helping you to have meaningful dreams and supporting psychic vision and intuition.

Moonstone is thought to balance the emotions, increase fascination, improve focus, and correspond to the cycles of life. It's also believed to enhance connection to the divine feminine, increasing feelings of nurturing, spiritual curiosity, surrender and acceptance, and patience.


*Moonstone can be a great tool for manifesting, it's  recommended using it for heart chakra work, to manifest your heart's desire. Place this crystal outside on the ground, overnight on the night of the Full Moon, to charge it with Lunar energy, Write down what you'd like to manifest on a small piece of paper, and place the charged moonstone atop the paper for one full day and night to call your desire into being. Retrieve the crystal and hold it over your heart chakra in meditation for 13 minutes."



Moonstone Copper Ring

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