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The Bee is known to be a spirit animal to remind you that "you create your own opportunities as long as you have the will to seek it." A symbol of perserverance, prosperity, love, & creativity.

By this ring being infused with positive Reiki energy, it's stated to assist with:


Assisting in preventing headaches

Reduces joint pains and Arthrithis

Prevent anemia or low iron levels.



All jewelry is handmade, made with love and infused with positive energy.


*Please note that handmade jewelry is not always flawless-- each piece is custom-made and often one of a kind!


Rings are slightly adjustable but please choose a size for the perfect fit.


Size 8


Care instructions: Please note wire jewelry is delicate and should be handled as such, as well as subject to tarnish. If this occurs, use natural mixture of white vinegar and water. Allow the piece to soak in vinegar until desired luster returns. Then rinse with water and dry.

Honey Bee Goddess Ring

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