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How to change your life for the better

"There is nothing permanent in life, except change" ~Heraclitus

Change is one of those things that is just inevitable in life, it is certainly going to happen. Sometimes we have a choice in the matter, and sometimes we do not. Often times we can easily identify the things that we don't like in our life. We will speak about to anyone who will listen and some may even carry a negative attitude about it but, will put in little to no effort to change it. That then leads to you up going around and around in the same circle of dissatisfaction day after day, wishing for a lucky break of any kind to come it at any moment, to hit your bank account overnight in hopes of making all of your worries disappear in an instant. While I do wholeheartedly agree that anything is possible in the Universe~ when you believe, it's always wise to have a plan of action just in case your "windfall" doesn't come in the timeframe you expect.

How to change on your terms

How you know it's time to make a change is that it may begin as a thought, or maybe a feeling that you should be doing something else, or it could even been an indescribable feeling that a change needs to take place in your life, It could also be an unexpected event has taken place, forcing you to reconsider how you live your day to day life. Either way, you have the power to take control of the situation, as deliberate change begins with deliberate actions after the desire to do so.

The beautiful thing about it is you have the power to create your life as you see it, grab a pen and a notebook to create a list to identify what changes you want to make in the areas of your finances, love/relationships, career, business, health, travel and so on. When you take the time to write your goals you are aligning with the Universe in co-creation to create the very things you desire. After you have an idea of what you are passionate about having in your new experience, then list what actions you will be required take daily to make it so. Pslam 20:4 May you be given the desires of your heart and make all of your plans succeed. Here's a few ways to get started on changing your life for the better:


Sit comfortably with your eyes closed. Breathe naturally, deeply relaxing your body and mind. Visualize the parts of yourself/life you'd like to change, see yourself in your imagination making the change. Take the visualization through the actions you will need to take to make this vision a reality. See yourself successfully completing this change and feel the joy and satisfaction of you making this change in your life.


Once you come out of your meditation affirm your feelings and desires of change in present tense, as if it has already taken place. You can verbally speak the affirmation out loud and/or write it down for a recommended 9 times (in numerology 9 is the number of completion), "I have the motivation to make the changes necessary for my growth".

Crystal Recommendation

Green Adventurine- is considered the store of opportunity, change is always about opportunity. Sleep with green adventurine under your pillow to help you subconciously awaken your will to bring about change.

Blue Kyanite- is used to help dissolve old habits and beliefs, this is usually blocking you from making changes in your life. Meditate holding a blue kyanite crystal in your receiving hand. As you breathe in, repeat, "I welcome new ideas that serve me," as you breathe out, repeat, " I release that which no longer is useful to me."

Create a Dream Board

As kids we would daydream all the time. We would often run around paying outside carefree, laying in the grass looking up to the sky dreaming and visualizing what we would be when we grew up, at that time we believed totally that anything was possible. As we grew into adults, we lost our ability to dream.

Seeing your dreams every day on a dream board brings them life. It will also act as a daily reminder to refocus your energy and direct it toward what you really want to achieve. You can easily pick up a white poster board at your local dollar store and print out pictures or cut out pictures in a magazine that symbolizes the life you want to live. If you don't have time to pick up the poster board you can also create a virtual dream board on Pinterest. The main focus is to get something in front of you each day that serves as a reminder of your goals.

Remember it's not how you start, it's how you finish, patience is a key factor in making the necessary changes in life as we know that anything working having is worth working for. Know going in it's the sum of the little efforts, the steps your choose to take daily that will equal to your greatest success in changes you are making for your future. Create a daily routine in developing habits that pushes you towards your future, and leave procrastination and complacency in the past.

I look forward to hearing about the changes you are making in your life, please feel free to drop a line below to share what you are willing to change about yourself now to live your best life, you never know who you are encouraging.

and tools to help you in live the life you desire and deserve.

As always, I wish you all Peace & Love!


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