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Brighter Days Ahead~Quarantine Diaries

Updated: Nov 22, 2020

Greetings Family!

Wishing everyone Positive Vibes, Peace & Love on this beautiful Saturday evening. As I sitting writing this message it is currently 7:41pm, eastern time, and I am sitting on my screened porch taking in the beautiful sights of the cotton candy blue-pink looking clouds in the sky as the sun is setting, and listening to sounds and winds of nature.

As I sit here to sit in the moment, I breathe in the moment, I admire this moment and I focus on living in this present moment. While we are all learning how to adjust in this "new world" after the COVID-19, it is important to remember to live in the present moment. I know many of us are dealing with uncertainty as to how navigate through this "crisis" day to day, however, I am here with a message of love, encouragement and simplicity of can change the past and the future isn't here just yet but,

"this too shall pass" we will get through this. Many of our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and our ancestors have encountered so much in their live times that I know we have tenacity to overcome any obstacle that comes our way when we have faith and believe. While this time in our lives right now is an unprecedented event, we too shall overcome.

Things can always tend to appear to look the darkest before sunrise, but remember that we are strong and equipped to handle what is placed before us or the challenge would have never been given to us. Our condolences to those who have lost love ones to this battle and I wish strength, courage and a speedy healing to those still within the fight. For those who are still on the front line working everyday, our "Essential Workers', such as myself and my husband, I call for all to be divinely protected and covered divinely and gracefully, while each of you self-lessly help those in need, in all capacities, we give you thanks and gratitude.

Before long we will be able to look back and smile from the lessons learn, victorious recoveries, and wonderful connections gained through this world wide experience that has shaped the way we do business and interact with one another each day. This humbling period in our lives has had a major focus on "Social Distancing", but even still I see that glass as full and choose to focus on the love and understanding gained in "Social Togetherness" and looking toward and consciously living in our brighter days.

Each day that you are still on earth is a blessing, take this time to spend time doing some soul searching while you are quarantined. There are only so much tv you can watch, only some many social media videos you can watch... take this time to find your inspiration. What excites you? What would you love to do even if you didn't get paid for it? Spend time outdoors, take a walk, read write, do something outside of your everyday norm to step outside the box. This is time to re-invent yourself, develop a new hobby, new exercise routine, or business venture, or just work to improve you.

Wishing everyone well who reads this, thank you for visiting and Peace & Love.


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